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CWA - MINUTES -  of the Meeting  2014



GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING - July 30th, 2014 , Glasgow, Scotland - 7:30PM - ( 19: 30 )


The meeting was called to order by the Chairman – Mr Josip Mrkoci after the copies of 2010 - General Assembly MINUTES was passed to member nations present. (CWA General Assembly 2010 - KD Yadhav Wrestling Stadium New Delhi India)


An AGENDA was distributed to the Member Nations via E-mail and copies were distributed and available for Members and Observers present at the MEETING.


1. - Recognition of the Commonwealth Nations present:

-  All Delegates and Observers from Commonwealth Nations were asked to sign the attendance sheets, it was scrutinised and recorded.



CWA GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING - ATTENDANCE - July 30, 2014 - 7:30 PM Glasgow, Scotland.



 Name                    Position


Josip MRKOCI        Chairman - ( Canada)

John SAUL             Secretary General - (Australia )




AUSTRALIA                -  Kuldip SINGH BASSI

BANGLADESH           - Tabiur RAHMAN

CAMEROON              - Dr TCHOMO

CANADA                    - Don RYAN

COOK ISLANDS        - Anthony BROWN

ENGLAND                  - A.J. MELLING

INDIA                          - Sh Brij Bhushan SHARAN SINGH

JAMAICA                    - Noel THOMPSON

KENYA                        - Linus MASHETI

KIRIBATI                     - Timau TIRA

MALAWI                      - Oscar KANJALA

NAURU                        - Alvin HARRIS

NIGERIA                      - Daniel IGALI


PAKISTAN                   - Muhammad ARSHAD SATTAR

SCOTLAND                 - Victor KEELAN

SIERRA LEONE          - Abubakar KAMARA


SRI LANKA P.G.          - Sarathchandra GUNATHILAKA

WALES                         - Alan JONES





Brasil                  - Roberto LEITAO

Brasil                  - Pedro Gamma FILHO

France                - Didier SAUVAIRE

France                - Philippe VIDAL

India                   - Raj SINGH

South Africa       - Esta VAN ZYL

Sri Lanka           - Neville Pathmasir

Cook Islands      - Tom MASTERS

Cook Islands      - Tuaine MASTERS

Canada              - Tamara MEDWINSKY

England             - Colin NICHOLSON

Nigeria               - Segun OGUNTAOB

Wales                - Ian Wigett

FILA                   - Pedro SILVA - Manager CGF- Wrestling




- Mr. Daniel Robin, - FILA- Delegate to the 2014 Commonwealth Games also sent his apology as he had other COMMONWEALTH GAMES obligations.



2. - Welcome: -


The Chairman - Mr. Josip MRKOCI welcomed all attendees and offered a special welcome to NAURU and MALAWI as the newest members and also acknowledged that COOK ISLANDS ( Oceania ) and ANGUILLA Islands ( Caribbean ) have indicated that they will commence a Wrestling programme.


FILA - Manager - Commonwealth Games- Wrestling - Mr. Pedro SILVA - Welcomed all the Delegates and Observers to the Wrestling Meeting on behalf of Organising Committee.

The Secretary General - Mr. John SAUL also welcomed the Delegates and Observers.


Victor KEELAN - President and the Host Federation - Scottish Wrestling Association welcomed all Delegates and Observers to Glasgow and provided an overview of the Facilities and Organisation structure for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.



3. - Approval of the Minutes of the General Assembly Meeting 2010 - New Delhi India

Moved by - Australia, Seconded by - South Africa, - to approve the MINUTES of the 2010 - Commonwealth General Assembly Meeting - CARRIED - UNANIMOUSLY



4. - Report of the Chairman – Executive Committee of the CWA


Mr. Mrkoci presented his reported to the Assembly as verbal only.

Mr. Mrkoci has represented Commonwealth Wrestling Association at a number of International Wrestling events, including: FILA World Championships, Asian Championships and Commonwealth Wrestling Championships and GAMES.


Australia hosted the 2011- Senior Commonwealth Championships in Melbourne.

Following the withdrawal of Scotland as host of the 2013- Senior Commonwealth Championships, the CGF and Commonwealth Wrestling Association Executive and Member Nations approved the Championships to be held in Budapest, HUNGARY ( as part of Solidarity - SAVE OLYMPIC WRESTLING ) with the approval of Hungarian Wrestling Federation and its President Cszaba HEGEDUS ( they would do all logistic Organization ).


The plan was that the 2013- Commonwealth Championships and a Wrestling Camp were scheduled a week before the World Championships and the Commonwealth Wrestlers were to stay and compete at the WORLDS in Budapest. Sixteen ( 16 ) Commonwealth Wrestling Nations liked the plan of Budapest location - attending the Commonwealth Championships, the Wrestling Camp and then the Worlds.


The location of Budapest as a site for 2013 Commonwealth Wrestling Championships was not a suitable location for President of FILA - Mr. Lalovic and Secretary - General of FILA - Mr. Dusson. South Africa ended up as a last minute location to host the 2013 -Commonwealth Championships in Johannesburg, December 5-7th. and 12 - nations attended the Championships.


The FILA change of weight categories for 2014 impacted the weights contested in Johannesburg, South Africa. All of the Commonwealth Wrestling Nations had to bare extra expense for holding Wrestling Championships or the selection Trials with the - NEW 7 - weight classes for 2014 - Commonwealth Games.


The CWA Executive together with 30- nations wrote to Samoa and the CGF to request that Wrestling be included in the 2015 - Commonwealth Youth Games. Samoa wanted Wrestling but this was not allowed by the Commonwealth Games Federation.


The CGF at the Meeting in St Kitts and Nevis in 2011 awarded the hosting rights for the 2018 Commonwealth Games to Gold Coast which had Greco-Roman Wrestling on their Program as well as Freestyle Men's and Women's Wrestling. Recently it was learned from Mr. SAM COFFA - President of Australian Commonwealth Games Association that the Commonwealth Games Federation removed Greco- Roman Wrestling from the bid document submitted by the Gold Coast Committee.


The Election of Officers for the CWA will be held at Item - 10 of the Meeting. The Vice -President of CWA - Mr. Sakkie BOSSE of South Africa has announced that he would not seek Re-Election. The Current - Chairman and Secretary-General confirmed that they would seek Re-Election for a 4 - year term.


5. - Reports:


2011 - Commonwealth Championships – Mr Kuldip Bassi – Australia.

Successful event with 13 - nations competing, a Wrestling training Camp conducted by Sergei Belaglazov ( Olympic Wrestling Champion) of Russia followed the event as a lead in to the Australia Cup competition the following week. The disappointment was that the Australian High Commission office originally issued VISAS to the Team from NIGERIA and SIERRA LEONE and 10 - days later revoked them. In case of PAKISTAN they did not issue the VISAS on time.


All the Commonwealth Wrestling Teams ( except INDIA ) stayed for the Wrestling Camp and the AUSTRALIA CUP with the addition of a team from USA and JAPAN .


It is imperative that the Commonwealth Championships continue and be promoted as strong events with Wrestling camps to build on the strength for the Commonwealth Games.


2013 - Commonwealth Championships – Johannesburg, S.A. - Nico COETZEE

Organised by South Africa with a very short space of time amid a number of uncertainties. It was a successful well run event with 12 - Commonwealth nations competing with old seven ( 7) FILA weight classes.


2015 - Commonwealth Championships – Wales for Cardiff - Mr. Alan JONES

This is a provisional bid and needs to be confirmed subject to the following:

Wales are preparing budget costings for the event – RSA and AUS have offered to supply indicative information from their events to assist Wales.

A venue is available as is transport and accommodation.

A funding application is to be submitted to the Sports Council of Wales.

Wrestling has not been a priority sport in the past for Wales, but with medals won at the Games it has grown in recognition.


Final bid is subject to Sports Wales approval. If in case that WALES will not be able to host the 2015 - Commonwealth Wrestling Championships then the CWA Chairman will send out an E-mail to members for a Bid for the Championships.


6. - Commonwealth Games reports :


2014 - GAMES – Victor KEELAN- President of Scottish Wrestling Association - provided a overview within his welcome. He added, with 22- Commonwealth Wrestling Nations competing and a Full House of three thousand ( 3,000 ) Spectators for every session the Sport of WRESTLING is a success at the 2014 - COMMONWEALTH GAMES.


2018 - GAMES - John SAUL - provided a short report, confirming that Greco Roman was not on the programme following the CGF decision to remove it. Wrestling will be conducted in a newly built stadium at Carrara on the Gold Coast, Carrara will be the main cluster park for completion venues for the Games. Proposed layout is similar in composition to the layout of 2 - mats for Glasgow. Seating for 3000 spectators will be provided.


A request from the floor for a Change in Standing Orders - by Mr. Raj SINGH that the Meeting allow the candidates standing for FILA Bureau election at the 2014 - Congress in Tashkent be permitted to speak to the CWA members at this time as he had another commitment requiring their presence.

This request was accepted by the Chairman and the Assembly.

Presentation by nominated candidates for FILA Bureau – Election at 2014 FILA Congress were given an opportunity to speak to the Members present at the Meeting.

* Pedro Gama Filho - Brasil

* Raj Singh - India

* Noel Thompson – Jamaica

* Daniel Igali – Nigeria


At this time - Mr. Didier SAUVAIRE of Francophone Wrestling Association was given an opportunity to address the Assembly and he advised his intention to work together with CWA and its members to build Wrestling programme with French speaking nations. He attended the Meeting and the Games of CWA to see about the Francophone Wrestling Championships to be held in future similar to the Commonwealth Championships.


7. - Commonwealth Senior Championships Bids for 2017 and 2019


2017 - Australia advised that there had been discussions with Gold Coast 2018 about hosting the 2017 Commonwealth Championships as a test event for the 2018 Games systems and would continue these discussions to submit a formal bid for the 2017 event.


2019 – No formal bid.

Commonwealth Youth Championships – Chairman Mr. Mrkoci advised he had received interest in a bid for hosting the event in December of 2014 and would report further when this was formalised.


2016 – No formal bid

8. - FILA - Matters

The 2014 Congress proposes important changes to the FILA and the sport of wrestling:

Name change from FILA to United World Wrestling – Chairman will contact or send a questionnaire to CWA members for their opinion on this change and will then submit a CWA report to FILA on the proposed change prior to the FILA Congress in September

Changes to FILA Constitution – awaiting details of the proposals from FILA.


9. - CAWA Review of General assembly - 2010 and other matters


A) - Election of three positions for the Executive  


B) - The name change of the association to Commonwealth Wrestling Association has been ratified. There is need to review and update the Constitution, to reflect changes in the operating environment for our Sport. Also to look at inclusion of Continental Councils to the structure and a Fundraising Committee and to have Woman's Wrestling Committee.


C) - The CWA Website has been extensively improved and is fully operational.

D) - Executive to look at feasibility of Commonwealth Training centres with five (5) Centers - one for each Continent.  


E) - Oceania Wrestling nations which Commonwealth wrestling nations are in majority
REJECT profoundly the NEW FILA Qualification for Olympic Games for Oceania and Africa. The reasons for this is that this NEW system is not fair to either Oceania or Africa. This matter should be brought up with the new FILA President - Lalovic


Finances: -


The CWA operates two accounts with TD Canada Trust in London, Ontario, Canada. The balance in these accounts is currently: - $3, 938.13 USD and $1, 368.42 CAD. There has been no expenditure from these accounts other than the normal Bank charges in the past three ( 3) years.


With previous President of FILA - Mr. Martinetti an understanding was reached in 2009 that CWA would not collect a direct of an entry fee from members at the Championships. Instead, the CWA is collecting from Hosting Wrestling Association funds through a levy within the accommodation charge (per/person - per/day ). It is necessary to look at further revenue generating ideas in future for the Association.


Also, there is an Outstanding Accounts to be collected from India, Australia and South Africa ( 2013 - Commonwealth Wrestling Championships ). This to be done ASAP.



10. - Election of Commonwealth Wrestling Association - Executive:


Scrutineers appointed to oversee the Election: - Neutral Observers - Pedro Gama FILHO and Roberto LEITAO of - Brazil.


A) - Chairman – Candidate - Mr. Josip MRKOCI: - Nominated - by Canada, 2nd - by Nigeria - Mr. Mrkoci spoke to the Meeting that he wishes to serve next 4 - years and the main goal would be for the Association to get the Sport of WRESTLING accepted as a Core Sport on the COMMONWEALTH GAMES FEDERATION Sports Program.


In addition, Mr. Mrkoci stated, the time is to update the CWA Constitution and wanted to finish as the Chairman of the COMMONWEALTH Wrestling in Australia as he started the Commonwealth Wrestling Association in Australia in 1984. He also noted that he was not involved with the Association from 1989 - 2002 and got back involved again in 2002 to rejuvenate the Commonwealth Championships and the Commonwealth Wrestling Program as it was stagnant.


Mr. Mrkoci thanked the members for electing him as the Chairman in 2010 in India and hopes that the members will give him one more term to 2018.

- As no other nominations were put forward or received – Election of Chairman - Mr. Josip MRKOCIis Unanimous by - Acclamation.



B) - Secretary General – Candidate - Mr. John SAUL: - Nominated - by Canada, 2nd by - Pakistan - Mr. Saul spoke to the Meeting - saying he wanted to stay on as Secretary- General as next Commonwealth Games will be in Australia. He also pointed out that he will be assisting the 2018 - Gold Coast Organising Committee when it comes to WRESTLING. Mr . Saul stated he would appreciate the members support .


- As no other nominations were put forward or received – Election of Secretary-General- Mr. John SAULis Unanimous by - Acclamation.



C) - Vice President – Candidate - Mr. Clive LLEWELLYN: - Nominated - by Australia, 2nd by - Canada - Mr. Don Ryan - President Canadian Wrestling Association spoke to the Meeting on behalf of Mr. Llewellyn. He stated Mr. Llewellyn is a two time Olympian in the Sport of Wrestling and past President of Canadian Wrestling Association as well he is a Lawyer and is currently on FILA Legal Committee. He would be a good addition to the CWA Executive.


-As no other nomination were put forward or received – Election of Vice-Chairman - Mr. Clive LLEWELLYN is Unanimous by - Acclamation.




As there is was no other Business on the AGENDA, the Chairman - Mr. MRKOCI thanked the "CWA General Assembly Delegates and Observers" for attending the Meeting of the COMMONWELTH WRESTLING ASSOCIATION.


The Chairman - declared the 2014 - CWA General Assembly Meeting - CLOSED at 9:30PM ( 21:30 ).