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CAWA - MINUTES -  of the Meeting  2010

CAWA - GENERAL ASSEMBLY Meeting - K.D. YADHAV Wrestling Stadium - Monday, October 4, 2010
at 1:30PM ( 13:30 hr ). The Meeting was call to order by the current CAWA Chairman - Mr. JOSIP MRKOCI
after the information ( CAWA General Assembly - 2002 Manchester, England ) and Minutes was passed
to member nations present.
The Chairman stated that he was going to stick to the AGENDA which was circulated earlier at the
conclusion of the Technical Meeting - 2010 Commonwealth Games and would like to conclude the
Meeting within the hour.
1. ) - Recognition of the Commonwealth wrestling nations present
The Chairman recorded the names of the Commonwealth nations attending the 2010 - CAWA General
Assembly. The following names were recorded as having delegates and observers to the Meeting . -
The Chairman explained that the usual procedure in the past and according to the current CAWA
Constitution has been that only members in good standing ( paid affiliation members) can vote at CAWA
Meetings. Due to the matters which have to be yet worked out with FILA President MARTINETTI , this
Meeting will dispense with this and all members present will get a VOTE ( one per nation) at this CAWA
The Chairman recorded (registered) on CAWA form the names of Voting Delegates and the Observers
attending the Meeting................
Delegates -

CAMEROON - Tsoungui Etoundi Clement
CANADA - Josip Mrkoci
CYPRUS - Constantinos Eliades
GAMBIA - Matar Jarju
ENGLAND - Saun Morley
INDIA - Kartar Singh
KENYA - Anthony Kaniuki
NEW ZEALAND - Mark Grayling
NIGERIA - Olusegun Akinlotan
SCOTLAND - John Keogh
SOUTH AFRICA - Sakkie Bosse
WALES - Sue Jones
AUSTRALIA - Kuldip Bassi, NEW ZEALAND - Grahame Hawkins, NIGERIA - Daniel Igali,
SOUTH AFRICA - N. Coetzee, WALES - K. Allan Jones
2.) Welcome words of the current Chairman - Josip MRKOCI
Mr. Mrkoci welcomed all to the 2010 CAWA General Assembly Meeting in New Delhi, India. He stated
the following - " I am glad that you have been patient and decided to stay for the Meeting , I will try to
be short and to the point and will be going through the AGENDA that was given to you earlier as quickly
as possible" .
The Chairman - asked the members if they had an opportunity to look at the MINUTES of the previous
CAWA General Assembly - 2002 In Manchester. He briefly mentioned that a 4- man Committee wa
Elected to run CAWA .
The only person that has declared to run again is Mr. Josip Mrkoci for the position of Chairman of CAWA.
Chairman asked for a mover and a seconded from the floor to adopt the MINUTES of the 2002 CAWA
General Assembly as written and presented to the members. -Moved by SCOTLAND and seconded by
SOUTH AFRICA to " adopt the MINUTES of the 2002 CAWA General Assembly". CARRIED
3.) Report of the Chairman of Executive Committee CAWA
A brief report by the Chairman covered the activity of the Executive Committee in implementing CAWA
Wrestling Championships in Senior age level in 2003 - London, Canada, 2005 - Cape Town, South Africa,
2007 - London, Canada, 2009 - Jalandhar, India.
In 2005 - Cape Town, South Africa implemented Greco-Roman wrestling and a Greco-Roman wrestling
Camp with Olympic Champion - Momir Petkovic as a clinician. In addition a Freestyle camp with Victor
Zilberman of Canada wa held.
In 2006 CAWA organized the first Commonwealth Youth Wrestling Championships ( 15-18 yr. olds)
men's and women's Freestyle wrestling in Glasgow, Scotland. In addition we had a wrestling camp
with Gia Sissaouri - World Champion and Olympic silver medalist from Canada.
The second Commonwealth Youth Championships were organized and held in Singapore- January
2010, it served as a test event for 2010 Olympic Youth Games.
The Chairman attended the various International & World Championships to meet with FILA -
President - MARTINETTI to look after the Commonwealth wrestling nations interests.
4.) Report - 2010 Commonwealth Youth Championships - SINGAPORE
The 2010 Youth Championships for men & women were held in Singapore with 8 - Commonwealth
nations competing. In addition a wrestling camp was held for the participants. The Clinician was
SERGEI BELAGLAZOV - Olympic Champion.
5.) Report - 2009 Commonwealth Senior Championships, Jalandhar, India
The 2010 Senior Commonwealth Championships, Mens' Greco-Roman and Men's and Women's
Freestyle by far had the most entries of any previous Commonwealth Championships with 14 -
nations  taking part.
All participating wrestling nations including the Chairman were amazed to hear at the Technical
Meeting held by Wrestling Federation of India that the Championships will not be held in a pool
system as is the norm and practice for the CAWA Wrestling Championship but the FILA system of
elimination will be used. All of the members at that Meeting protested to this.
In order that the event would proceed the Chairman Of CAWA at the Meeting of the Association
members held in the evening persuaded the members to go along with the system and not to
boycott it. The Championships were held.
6.) 2014 Commonwealth Games - Glasgow, Scotland
The Chairman informed the Meeting that the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow thus far have
Men's Freestyle. He also informed the Meeting that he had meetings with various Sport Scotland here
in New Delhi to persuade them to add the Women's Freestyle and to look at the Men's Greco-Roman
as well. We have a full support of FILA President - Martinetti on this.
More work in lobbying the 2014 Glasgow Organizing Committee has to be done in next few months to
include all 3 - styles, same as in New Delhi.
7.) Commonwealth Senior & Youth Wrestling Championships Bids
The Chairman informed the Meeting that Australia has sent to CAWA official request that want to hold
the 2011 Commonwealth Championships in Melbourne, Australia to be followed with an International
tournament called Australia Cup. This would give an opportunity the Commonwealth nations to
participate at - 2 International Tournaments.
The Chairman asked the Meeting if any other nation wishes to bid for 2011 Commonwealth
Championships. As there was none, AUSTRALIA won the right to host 2011.
The Chairman received a request from Scotland that they wish to host the 2013 Commonwealth
Wrestling Championships ( test event for 2014 Commonwealth Games ). As there were no other bids -
 SCOTLAND won the right to host 2013.
The Chairman asked for bids for 2015 Commonwealth Championships. The representative of Wales-
Sue Jones made the bid to host the 2015 Championships. As there were no other bids -
WALES won the right to host 2015.
The Chairman asked the Meeting for bids to host the Commonwealth Youth Championships ( men's
& women's Freestyle ) for - 2012, 20145 & 2016. Australia has stated that if no one would want to
host the 2012 Commonwealth Youth Championships then they would like to host it. Chairman
mentioned that India might want to host it. South Africa might be interested to host 2014 or 2016 but
have check with their Federation first. As there was no concrete bids it was left to be decided after
these Games.
8.) FILA Matters - competition & affiliation fees and other matters
The Chairman explained the CAWA Executive stance regarding the affiliation and competition fee
matter by the Chairman of CAWA to FILA - President Martinetti in a letter of December 2009. The
members were given the letter for their information and reply. The Chairman further stated that he
will speak to FILA President - Martinetti regarding this matter again as some of the members paid
their memberships fee and competition fee on voluntary basis while others did not.
The matter has to be straighten out as the CAWA Association can not function without funds. It's
either being supported by its members or receiving a yearly grant from FILA.
Other FILA matters
The Australian Wrestling Union has brought before CAWA Executive a request to lobby FILA to
change the recent NEW format for qualifying for 2012 Olympic Games for the Oceania and African
The NEW FILA proposal is that the Oceania has to conduct a Oceania Championships and the
participants later go to the African Championships for the qualifying Olympic tournament. Top 2 -in
each weight class from that tournament would qualify for 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES.
The past system was that the Oceania and African Championships were used as a qualification
tournament with winner ( 1-only) of each weight class be qualified to wrestle at the Olympic
All of the Oceania wrestling nations which Commonwealth wrestling nations are in majority
REJECT profoundly the NEW proposed FILA Qualification for 2012 Olympic Games for Oceania and
Africa. The reasons for this is that this NEW system is not fair to either Oceania or Africa.
The cost for teams from the island nations is prohibitive and time consuming, they will not be able
to participate in African Championships thereby being eliminated from the pro[posed qualification
system.  The African nations will be put at the disadvantage as well as they might be beat out of a
possible spot by an Australian, New Zealander or even Samoan for attending the 2012 Olympic
The Kenyan , the Gambian, Cameroon and Nigerian representative spoke up and also felt that this
proposal of 2012 Olympic Qualification is not good for the African nations nor the Oceania nations.
After all the main mantra for the Olympic Games is not only to win but to take part in.
This matter was further discussed and all members at the Meeting unanimously VOTED in favour of
returning to the old system of Qualifying for the Olympics for OCEANIA and AFRICA ( 1 - per weight
class ) which was used for 2008 OLYMPIC GAMES. Furthermore FILA should rescind the NEW format
and return to the old system.
9.) CAWA General Assembly - Elections
The Chairman - Mr. Mrkoci at this time informed the Meeting that CAWA received two nominations
for CAWA elections. From Canada nominating for JOSIP MRKOCI and from Nigeria - AUSTIN ADEZE
for postion of Secretary General position. Other position that is availabel is Vice-Chairman. All
positions are for 4-year term.
The Chairman position is to be voted on first. Mr. Mrkoci also informed the Meeting tha all of the
nominations need to be seconded by a voting member at this Meeting in order to be valid
( according to the CAWA Constitution ).
CAWA - Chairman position
- Moved by SCOTLAND and seconded by SOUTH AFRICA nominating Mr. JOSIP MRKOCI for the
position of CHAIRMAN of CAWA. .
Mr. Mrkoci asked if there were any other nominations , as there were none Mr. JOSIP MRKOCI
won by acclimation.

Mr. Mrkoci thanked the members for their support and will do his best to see that WRESTLING
becomes a core sport on the COMMONWEALTH GAMES  - SPORTS PROGRAM.
CAWA - Vice Chairman position
The New Chairman - Josip MRKOCI asked for nominations, - Moved by SOUTH AFRICA and
seconded by SCOTLAND to nominate Mr. SAKKIE BOSSIE for the position of VICE-CAHIRMAN of
CAWA. As there were no other nomination - Mr.SAKKIE BOSSE won by acclimation.
CAWA - Secretary General/ Treauserer position
The Chairman stated that there was one nomination by Nigeria of Mr. Austin Adeze and we
need a seconder for this. KENYA second the nomination. Chairman asked the Meeting if there
was any other nominations for the position. AUSTRALIA nominated - Mr. JOHN SAUL , seconded
by South Africa.
The Chairman informed the meeting that a secret VOTE has to be done. The paper for voting
was distributed to vote to the voting DELEGATES. The Chairrman looked and counted the vote .
 Mr. JOHN SAUL won the majority VOTE.
Mr. John Saul thanked the members for their vote of confidence.
Clarification of Constitution and name change
As time is getting short and a number of matters have be covered properly at our next Meeting
in 2011, the updatingof the CAWA CONSTITUTION, proposal for Continental representatives, to
add past Chairman to the CAWA Executive and proposal for Commonwealth Training Centers.
These matters we can leave for our next Meeting.
The proposal to change the name of our Association to drop the word Amateur from our name
MOVED by SOUTH AFRICA and seconded by SCOTLAND to drop the word Amateur from our
Association name . VOTE was in favour - unanimous .
The new name of our Association is -
10.) New Business -
As there was no New Business put by the members, the Chairman thanked everyone for their
patience and support and declared the Meeting adjourned.
The Meeting finished at 2:45 PM ( 14:45 hr )