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2009 Commonwealth Championships - INFO  and RESULTS


Commonwealth Team Information

December 17-20,2009




1.1The 2009 Commonwealth Wrestling Championships will be held in city of JALANDHAR, Punjab, INDIA, hosted by Wrestling Federation of India under the auspices & sanction of the Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association and the approval and sanction of FILA & Commonwealth Games Federation.

1.2The event will be held in Jalandhar sports hall for spectators and has all the necessary facilities for wrestlers, coaches, officials and referees.

1.3The competition will take place on December 17-20,2009.


2.1The Commonwealth Wrestling Championships will be run in accordance with FILA ( NEW ) wrestling rules with some modified Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association rules of pool system, team scoring and team compliment.

2.2Each Commonwealth wrestling team can enter a maximum of two ( 2 ) athletes ( men & women) per weight class in FREE-STYLE and two ( 2 ) athletes ( men only ) per weight class in GRECO-ROMAN for the 2009 - Commonwealth Wrestling Championships.

The competition will be held in the following weight categories:
MEN: - 55 kg, 60, 66, 74, 84, 96, and 96-120 kg.
WOMEN: - 48 kg, 51, 55, 59, 63, 67 and 67-72 kg.

The 2009 - Commonwealth Championships are for SENIORS 20 years and older. Wrestlers in the junior age (18yrs.) category are allowed to participate in the competition for seniors. However, wrestlers aged 18yrs. of age in the year concerned (competition ) must provide a medical certificate and parental authorisation.

2.3The weigh-in will be one day before the competitions (December 17th, 2009 ) in accordance with the Rules and Regulations.

2.4No tolerance of weight will be allowed.

2.5 The competition format will be a modified Pool system, A & B pools with all athletes wrestling each other within each pool in Preliminary phase. Top 3 wrestlers from each pool will go on to wrestle in quoter- final, semi - final and finals for the classification 1 - 6 th place.

2.6 The wrestling competition will be conducted on December 18th, 19th & 20th. Teams would depart India on December 21, 2009.


3.1Participation in the 2009 - Commonwealth Wrestling Championships is open to all Commonwealth nations recognized by COMMONWEALTH GAMES FEDERATION and provided that their wrestling governing bodies are members in good standing with the Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association and FILA.

3.2The membership cost to be a member of the Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association by the individual Commonwealth Wrestling Nation is one hundredand fifty ( $ 150.00 ) US dollars for a two (2) year period ( 2009 & 2010 ).

The Membership Fee is to be paid to the - Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association - and sent to - - 30 Pinegrove Crs., London, Ontario, CANADA, N6J 3Y9 - (by International money order).

The fee is to be paid by September 30, 2009. If the fee is not paid by due date, then the cost for membership after September 30, 2009 shall be two hundred ( $ 200.00 )US dollars.

3.3Entry fee for the 2009 - Commonwealth Wrestling Championships is one hundred ( $ 100.00 ) US dollars/per wrestler/per style. This fee is to be paid to the - Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association (cash or traveler's cheque) at the time of arrival and registration.

3.4All competitors must produce their valid FILA licence to compete.Thecompetitor's FILA licence can also be purchased from FILA representative at the registration time or prior to the start of2009Commonwealth Wrestling Championships.


4.1Referees belonging to the International category ( FILA) shall officiate at the 2009 - Commonwealth Wrestling Championships.Referees must produce their valid FILA licence.


5.1The host Organizing Committee will provide accommodation and meals in JALANDHAR, Punjab Stateat a rate of seventy( $ 70.00 ) US dollars per day/per person. The payment for food and accommodation must be made to the Organizing Committee at the time of arrival of the teams to the accommodation site in Jalandhar, Punjab, INDIA.

FILA rules governing finances can be applied to teams that come early or stay beyond the normal dates of competition at the discretion of the Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association & 2009 Commonwealth Wrestling Championship Organizing Committee. You can contact Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association via E-mail at - regarding making special arrangements.

5.2The host Organizing Committee will provide free ground transportation to all delegations from - Amritsar International Airport in the city of AMRITSAR ( Raja Sansi International Airport ) to the accommodation site in the city of JALANDHAR ( about - 80km from Amritsar). The transportation to the competition site will be provided.

5.3Participating Commonwealth wrestling teams must cover their own cost of the Airfare from their countries of origin to AMRITSAR, Punjab, INDIAand return.


6.1Accommodation will be provided for all wrestlers, coaches, referees and officials at the designated area by the Organizing Committee. Normally, there will be two persons per room. ( Check-out time is

10:00 am on the day of departure.)

If any teams want their team leaders or officials in a single room additional charges could apply. In order to accommodate for single room status, Commonwealth nation must make a written request to Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association and the Organizing Committee by - November 1, 2009.

6.2Meals will be provided on a schedule to be developed by the Organizing Committee. The teams will be informed of the schedule upon their arrivalat the accommodation site in Jalandhar, Punjab, India.


7.1Participating countries, which require VISAS to visit INDIA, will obtain them by forwarding the names of the delegation members to the Indian High Commission (Embassy) in their own country . We also request that you send a copy to the Organizing Committee (via E-mail - ) , who will also send them to the appropriate Indian High Commission (Embassy) with a formal letter. In order to assist the VISA process, please be sure to provide the Nominative Entry Form as early as possible , - before November 1, 2009.


8.1Commonwealth teams interested in training and hosting opportunities prior to Commonwealth Wrestling Championships in INDIA, should contact us at the earliest convenience, as some support may be available, on a first come, first served basis. Interested countries should contact Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association directly via E-mail at :-

8.2Participating countries shall have a training facility at their disposal under a time schedule to be fixed upon their arrival at the accommodation site in Jalandhar, Punjab, INDIA.

8.3Three regulation size mats will be provided at the competition site.


9.1We would ask that you inform us via E-mail - to Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association and a copy to Organizing Committee

of your teams Participation before September 10, 2009(if you have not done so before). Please list the total number of persons on your team ( wrestlers, coaches, officials and team leaders ). We require your Wrestling Association's answer by the date of - September 10, 2009 to carry out the necessary planning for accommodation and other services for the Commonwealth Wrestling Championships.

9.2PRELIMINARYENTRIES must be received via E-mail by the Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association and the Organizing Committee , before October 10, 2009.It should contain total number of the team compliment detailing the number of wrestlers ( male & female) , coaches, referees, team leaders/managers and any other officials or support personnel. Web site LINK for the ENTRIES below.

9.3NOMINATIVEENTRIES ( binding agreement ) must be received via E-mailbeforeNovember 1, 2009. Nominative entries should list the names of wrestlers & weight class ( male & female ) which they will be competing in, names of coaches, referees, team leader/manager, other officials and support personnel. It should also list the name of the AIRLINE, flight number, the date & time of arrival of the team to AMRITSAR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Punjab, INDIA as well as the date & time of departure from INDIA. Web site

LINK for the ENTRIES below.

9.4FINALENTRIES for the wrestlers will be expected 4 - hours before the start of the weigh-in onDecember 17, 2009 , to be given to the 2009 Commonwealth Wrestling Organizing Committee.


10.1Each Wrestler must undergo a medical examination that will take place the day before the competition . Wrestlers must produce a medical certificate of health before their medical examination which must be dated 3-days or less from his or her departure for INDIA.


11.1The Organizing Committee will provide awards for the top three placing in each weight class and the top three Commonwealth teams. Top six in each weight class will receive Diploma Certificate.

11.2Best Wrestler Award will be presented to the Outstanding Commonwealth Wrestler in both the Men's and Women's Free-style and Men's Greco-Roman competition.


12.1All financial obligations must be settled with the Organizing Committee for food and accommodations upon arrival at the accommodation site in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. Accommodation

and meals in India is at a rate of seventy( $ 70.00 ) US dollars per day/per person.Remember the payment is to be made inUS $ dollars.

12.2All financial obligations as to membership fees and entry fees must be settledwith the Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association representative upon arrival at the accommodation site in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. Paymentmade in US dollars.


13.1All correspondence regarding the 2009 Commonwealth Wrestling Championships must be sent
via E-mail
directly to Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association and the Organizing Committee at the following:

A)Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association
E-mail -

B)Wrestling Federation of India

E - mail -


Commonwealth Wrestling nations can contact - Josip MRKOCI- Chairman Executive Committee - Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Associationpertaining to the RULES

and REGULATIONSor any other informationthat they may require or by telephone to - 1 - 519 - 668-9901.




Commonwealth  Championships – RESULTS

Women's & Men's Freestyle Wrestling
December 19-21, 2009  - Jalandhar, Punjab State, INDIA

48 kg
1 – R.Mwambro (CMR)
2 – Nirmala Devi (INID)
3 – Brumilda Leeuw (RSA)
3 – Neha Rathi (IND)
51 kg
1 – Babita Kumari (IND)
2 – Mpho Madi (RSA)
3 – Donna Robertson (SCO)
3 – Diana Ford (CAN)
55 kg
1 – Geeta (IND)
2 – Nirmala Devi (IND)
3 – Jayne Clason (SCO)
3 – Emily Bensted (AUS)
59 kg
1 – Alka Tomar (IND)
2 – Rajni (IND)
3 – Louisa Salmon (ENG)
3 – Jazmyne Barker (CAN)
63 kg
1 – Justine Bouchard (CAN)
2 – Anita (IND)
3 – Navjot Kaur (IND)
3 – Zumicke Geringer (RSA)
67 kg
1 – Megan Buydens (CAN)
2 – Ashlea McManus (SCO)
3 – Suman Kundu (IND)
3 – Babita (IND)
72 kg
1 – Annabella Laure Ali (CMR)
2 – Sonja Coetzee (RSA)
3 – Erica Wiebe (CAN)
3 – Anmol (IND)

55 kg
1 – Vinod Kumar (IND)
2 – Anil Kumar (IND)
3 – Aso Palani (CAN)
3 – Barashat Ali (PAK)
60 kg
1 – Rahul Mann (IND)
2 – Balraj Virdi (CAN)
3 – Viorel Etko (SCO)
3 – Rajneesh (IND)
66 kg
1 – Sushil Kumar (IND)
2 – Heinrich Barnes (RSA)
3 – Amit Dhanker (IND)
3 – Muhammad Salman (PAK)
74 kg
1 – Narsingh Yadav (IND)
2 – Sumit (IND)
3 – Ali Muhammad (PAK)
3 – Kotsya Ermakovich (AUS)
84 kg
1 – Rambir (IND)
2 – Masoud Yosefi (SCO)
3 – Manjot Sandhu (CAN)
3 – Naresh Kumar (IND)
96 kg
1 – Mausam Khatri (IND)
2 – Mohammad Umar (PAK)
3 – Elvis Nfoukau (CMR)
3 – Anil Mann (IND)
120 kg
1 – Rajiv Tomar (IND)
2 – Joginder Kumar (IND)
3 – Arjan Bhullar (CAN)
3 – Imran Ali (PAK)

PAP Indoor Stadium, Jalandhar, India – 18th December 2009

55kgRajinder Kumar
Hari Krishan
Barashat Ali
Carlo Van Wyk
60kgRavinder Singh
Anil Kumar
Marius Loots
Farzad Tarash
66kgGurbinder Singh
Sunil Kumar
Mehrdad Tarash
Muhammad Salman
74kgRichard Addinall
Rajbir Chhikara
Clinton Davies
84kgManoj Kumar
Rajesh Kumar
Richard Ferreira
Dean Van Zyl
96kgAshok Kumar
Hugues Bella Lufu
Anil Kumar
Mohammad Umar
120kgDharmender Dalal
Andries Schutte
Rishi Pal
Andrew Davidson