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2005 - Commonwealth Wrestling Championships - Information & RESULTS


                                               MEN'S GRECO - ROMAN WRESTLING

                                                     Commonwealth Team Information

Cape Town ( Stellenbosh ),   SOUTH AFRICA
June 30, July 1 -  2, 2005


1.1 The 2005 Commonwealth Wrestling Championships will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, hosted by Western Province under the auspices & sanction of the Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association and the approval and sanction of FILA, Commonwealth Games Federation & South African Wrestling Federation.

1.2 The event will be held at "University of Stellenbosch" a sports hall for spectators and has all the necessary facilities for wrestlers, coaches, officials and referees.

1.3 The competition will take place on June 30 & July 1, 2 - 2005.

1.4 Wrestling symposium/school for: wrestlers, coaches, administrators, referees is scheduled to be conducted in Cape Town on July 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 with practical applications ( wrestling competition) July 8, and 9 a review of acquired knowledge.


1.5 To host & conduct the wrestling symposium/school, the Commonwealth wrestling nations must inform the Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association (via e-mail) before May 15, 2005 the number of wrestlers, coaches, referees, administrators which will be taking part in this wrestling program. The fee for the wrestling symposium/school ( for seven days) is (seventy) $ 70.00 CANADIAN dollars per person to cover the minimal basic costs.


1.6 Wrestling training camp is scheduled for July 3 - 7, in Cape Town for all Commonwealth wrestling teams which intend to compete at the " The South African Centenary Cup 2005 " (Cape Town, July 8 - 9).


2.1 The Commonwealth Wrestling Championships will be run in accordance with FILA ( NEW ) wrestling rules with some modified Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association rules of pool system, team scoring and team compliment.

2.2 Each Commonwealth wrestling team can enter a maximum of two ( 2) athletes (men & women) per weight class in FREE-STYLE and two athletes (men ) per weight class in GRECO-ROMAN for the 2005 - Commonwealth Wrestling Championships.

The competition will be held in the following weight categories:
MEN: - 55 kg, 60, 66, 74, 84, 96, and 96-120 kg.
WOMEN: - 48 kg, 51, 55, 59, 63, 67 and 67-72 kg.

The 2005 - Commonwealth Championships are for SENIORS 20 years and older. Wrestlers in the junior age (18yrs.) category are allowed to participate in the competition for seniors. However, wrestlers aged 18 in the year concerned must provide a medical certificate and parental authorisation.

2.3 The weigh-in will be one day before the competitions (June 29th, 2005 ) in accordance with the rules and regulations.

2.4 No tolerance of weight will be allowed.

2.5 The competition format will be a modified Pool system, A & B pools with all athletes wrestling each other within each pool in Preliminary phase. Top 3 wrestlers from each pool will go on to wrestle in quoter- final, semi -final and finals for the classification 1 - 6 th place.


3.1 Participation in the 2005 - Commonwealth Wrestling Championships is open to all Commonwealth nations recognized by COMMONWEALTH GAMES FEDERATION and provided that their wrestling governing bodies are members in good standing with the Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association and FILA.

3.2 The membership cost to individual Commonwealth wrestling nation is (seventy) $ 70.00 CANADIAN dollars for a two year period (2005 & 2006).

The membership fee is to be paid to the - Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association - (by International money order) and sent to - 141 Glenroy Crs., London, Ontario, CANADA, N5Z 4H8.

The fee is to be paid by March 31, 2005. If the fee is not paid by due date, then the cost for membership after March 31, 2005 shall be (one hundred) $ 100.00CANADIAN dollars.

3.3 Entry fee for the 2005 - Commonwealth Wrestling Championships is (fifty) $ 50.00 CANADIAN dollars/per wrestler/per style. This fee is to be paid to the Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association (cash or certified cheque) at the time of arrival and registration.


4.1 Referees belonging to the International category ( FILA) shall officiate at the 2005 - Commonwealth Wrestling Championships.

4.2 Referees must produce their valid FILA licence.


5.1 The host Organizing Committee will provide accommodation and meals at "University of Stellenbosch" in Cape Town at a rate of (fifty-five) $ 55.00 US per day/per person ( converted to the local currency- South African - RAND). FILA rules governing finances will be applied to teams that come early or stay beyond the normal dates of competition at the discretion of the Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association & Organizing Committee.

5.2 The host Organizing Committee will provide free transportation to all delegations from Cape Town - International Airport to the accommodation site. The training venue is a walking distance from the residence . The competition site transportation will be provided.

5.3 Participating Commonwealth teams must cover the cost of their airfare from their countries of origin to Cape Town, Western Provice, South Africa and return.

5.4 Teams traveling to Cape Town , South Africa for the Commonwealth Wrestling Championships should arrange their tickets to allow for their return departure from Cape Town if they are taking part in " The South African Centenary Cup 2005 " competition( Cape Town July 8 & 9 ) an International Open Wrestling Tournament .


6.1 Accommodation will be provided for all wrestlers, coaches, referees and officials at the College . Normally, there will be two persons per room. (Check-out time is 10:00 am on the day of departure.) .

If any teams want their team leaders or officials in a single room additional charges will apply. In order to accommodate for single room status, Commonwealth nation must make a written request to Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association and the Organizing Committee by May 15, 2005.

6.2 Meals will be provided at the College/Restaurant on a schedule to be developed by the Organizing Committee. The teams will be informed of the schedule upon their arrival in Cape Town.


7.1 Participating countries, which require Visas to visit South Africa, will obtain them by forwarding the names of the delegation members to the South African Embassy in their own country . We also request that you send a copy to the Organizing Committee (via e-mail) , who will also send them to the appropriate South African Embassy with a formal letter. In order to assist the Visa process, please be sure to provide the Nominative Entry Form as early as possible , before May 15, 2005.


8.1 Commonwealth teams interested in training and hosting opportunities prior to Commonwealth Wrestling Championships in Cape Town, should contact us at the earliest convenience, as some support maybe available, on a first come, first served basis. Interested countries should contact Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association directly via e-mail at :

8.2 Participating countries shall have a training facility at their disposal under a time schedule to be fixed upon their arrivals.

8.3 Three regulation size mats will be provided at the competition site.


9.1 We would ask that you inform us via e-mail of your teams commitment and participation by March 1st, 2005 (if you have not done so before). We require your answer by this date to carry out the necessary planning for accommodation and other services.

9.2 PRELIMINARY entries must be received via e-mail by the Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association and the Organizing Committee , before March 31, 2005. It should contain total number of the team compliment detailing the number of wrestlers ( male & female) , coaches, referees, team leaders/managers and any other officials or support personnel.

9.3 NOMINATIVE entries ( binding agreement) must be received via e-mail or Fax before May 15, 2005. Nominative entries should list the names of wrestlers & weight class ( male & female ) which they will be competing in, names of coaches, referees, team leader/manager, other officials and support personnel. It should also list the name of the Airline, flight number, the date & time of arrival of the team to Cape Town, South Africa as well as the date & time of departure from South Africa.

9.4 FINAL entries for the wrestlers will be expected 6 hours before the start of the weigh-in ( June 29, 2005 ), given to the Organizing Committee.


10.1 Each Wrestler must undergo a medical examination that will take place on the day before competition (June 29th ). Wrestlers must produce a medical certificate of health before their medical examination which must be dated 3 days or less from his or her departure for South Africa.


11.1 The Organizing Committee will provide awards for the top three placings in each weight class and the top three Commonwealth teams. Top six in each weight class will receive Diploma Certificate.

11.2 Awards will be presented to the Outstanding Commonwealth Wrestler in both the Men's and Women's Free-style and Men's Greco-Roman competition.


12.1 All financial obligations must be settled with the Organizing Committee for food and accommodations upon arrival in Cape Town, South Africa. Remember the payment is to be made in South African - Rand (converted value from $ 55.00 per person/per day US $ dollars).


13.1 All correspondence regarding the 2005 Commonwealth Wrestling Championships must be sent via E-mail directly to Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association and the Organizing Committee at the following:

For official entry - click on - Entries page

A) Josip Mrkoci , Chairman - Executive Committee

Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association
141 Glenroy Cres., London, Ontario, CANADA, N5Z 4H8

Tel.- (519) 668-9901 Fax - (519) 685- 6493

E-mail -

Web site -


B) - H.N. (Manie) van den Berg

Secretary General,


PO Box 364 , EVANDER , 2280


( NEW ) Fax: ( 27 ) - 8667- 15506

Mobile number (Cell): - 82- 922- 9411

E-mail: -

WEB site: -


Sunday, July 3, 2005


Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association


India wins inaugural Commonwealth

Greco-Roman Wrestling Championships


Cape Town, South Africa - The Commonwealth Greco-Roman Wrestling Championships concluded last night July 2, 2005 at the gymnasium hall at the University of Stellenbosch. India did not have an easy go at the Greco-Roman Championships as they did in Freestyle. South African wrestlers came close on their heels almost beating India for team title but it was not to be. India with 4 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals won the 2005 Commonwealth Greco-Roman team title and South Africa placed second, while Canada took the third place.


In the preliminary rounds India, South Africa and Canada dominated the Commonwealth Greco-Roman wrestling matches and Australia with three entries fought hard to get one of their wrestlers in the final. Hassan Shahsavan 74 kg an expatriate of Iran and now residing in Australia won the gold medal in a spectacular fashion.The Australian threw Sanjay of India in a high amplitude lock throw straight to a fall.

Hassan's toughest match by far was in the semi-finals against a South African wrestler Heinrich Olwagen. This match was full of controversies. The new FILA rules for the Greco-Roman style of wrestling are a little different than the Freestyle and the referees interpretations were not consistent. It seems that in this match against Olwagen, Hassan had to wrestle with the officials on the mat, but like true champion that he is he prevailed but not without complaint to the FILA representative and the Commonwealth Wrestling Association.


The lone Canadian entry in Greco-Roman Championships was Johnathan Rioux at 84 kg. He had a number of tough matches in preliminaries and then he had to beat Kuldip Sing of India in semi-final in order to reach the finals. Johnathan's toughest match was against Pieter Gouws of South Africa in the finals, he lost the first round 5-4 and then he had to win the next two rounds in order to secure the gold medal. The Canadian coach, Victor Zilberman was happy with the fact that one his male wrestlers won a gold medal at these Championships as none of his other wrestlers were able to win it in Freestyle.


The exception was in women's Freestyle wrestling event where Martine Dugrenier of Montreal won a gold medal at 67 kg.

The South African partisan fans were on their feet cheering on one of their oldest wrestlers, Markus Dekker, wrestling at 120 kg. Markus a 39 year old wrestler was in the final facing one of the youngest wrestling stars, Palwinder Singh Cheema of India. Cheema is an accomplished wrestler with many gold medals to his name in wrestling and including previous day's gold medal in Freestyle event. The old warrior took charge of the match and took the fight to his Indian opponent. With an olympic reverse body lift, Markus threw Cheema on his back and held him there for a fall.


Pandemonium ensued on the side of the coaching staff of the South African corner by all of them running to the middle of the mat and mobbing their Commonwealth Greco-Roman Champion. The crowd gave Markus a standing ovation for his effort and wrestling ability to defeat his young Indian wrestling star. This by far was one of the most exciting moments for the South African wrestling crowd as Markus was the only South African wrestler to win a gold medal at the 2005 Commonwealth Wrestling Championships.


The South African Wrestling Federation president Mr. Dave von der Merwe was also seen on the mat congratulating Markus for his win. Mr. Merwe went on later stating  - " this is the first time that a gold medal has been won in wrestling at the Commonwealth Championships level since 1954. It is appropriate that it was won here in South Africa as these Commonwealth Wrestling Championships are being held for the first time on the African continent. It is also the first time that Greco-Roman style of wrestling has been part of the Commonwealth Wrestling Championships. Markus deserves our heartiest congratulations as he is a great leader and good example for wrestlers in South Africa".


The Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association, chairman Mr. Mrkoci said " this olympian effort on part of Markus deserves an award, not only for his ability to wrestle but at age 39 he still competes and wins, it is astounding".

The Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association selected Markus Dekker as the best wrestler of the 2005 Commonwealth Greco-Roman Wrestling Championships. The award was presented to Markus at the banquet held after the conclusion of the 2005 Commonwealth Championships. Other awards went to two Indian wrestlers, Geetika Jakhar 63 kg, for best women's Freestyle wrestler and Ramesh Kumar 74 kg for best male Freestyle wrestler.


India won the team trophies for the Freestyle men and women and Greco-Roman men. South Africa placed second and Canada was third.

" The Championships were well organized and well run and the South African Wrestling Federation and its Executive should be congratulated for hosting this Commonwealth wrestling event .The local Organizing Committee and it's Chairman Mr. Sakki Bosse did an excellent job and the Town of Stellenbosch and it's people made us feel welcome " -stated Josip Mrkoci, Chairman of the Commonwealth Amateur Wrestling Association.


Mr. Bosse for his Herculean effort of organizing and holding this wrestling event was awarded FILA gold star. The gold star is the highest award given to an individual by the World governing body of wrestling which recognizes individuals work in the sport of wrestling. The medal was presented to Mr. Bosse by Mr. Mrkoci on behalf of FILA and its president Mr. Raphy Martinetti.


Following the Commonwealth Championships a wrestling camp/symposium on wrestling is being held on July 4-7 and then a wrestling competition called " South African Centenary Cup" will be held on July 8-9 with most of the Commonwealth nations staying for this wrestling event.


The semi-finals and the finals of all three Commonwealth Wrestling Championships were covered by the South African Broadcasting Company and will be broadcast on Friday, July 8, 2005 on their channel 1 program. The show is called Warriors and will be shown at 2:30 pm in the afternoon.


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2005 - Commonwealth Championship
2005 - Commonwealth Championship
Freestyle Seniors
2005-07-02 Stellenbosch (RSA)
55.0 kg
Kripa, Shankar Patel - India
Jansen, Denver Christopher - South Africa
van der Merwe, Gertije - South Africa
60.0 kg
Dutt, Yogeshwar - India
Ravinder 2 - India
Brummer, Christo - South Africa
66.0 kg
Kumar, Sushil - India
Tomar, Shokinder - India
Wadsworth, Tim - Canada
74.0 kg
Kumar, Rames 3 - India
Margetis, Tyler - Canada
Erasmus, Corne - South Africa
84.0 kg
Kumar, Anuj - India
Rioux, Jonathan - Canada
Gouws, Pieter C. - South Africa
96.0 kg
Maan, Anil - India
Zilberman, David - Canada
Bella-Lufu, Ka-Koma - South Africa
120.0 kg
Cheema, Palwinder Singh - India
Tomar, Rajeev - India
Bashir, Mohamed - Pakistan

Commonwealth Championship
Greco-Roman Seniors
2005-07-02 Stellenbosch (RSA)
55.0 kg
Kripa, Shankar Patel - India
Tiebiri, Godswill - Nigeria
Khatri, Mukesh - India
60.0 kg
Ravinder 2 - India
Dutt, Yogeshwar - India
Brummer, Christo - South Africa
66.0 kg
Singh, Gurbinder - India
Mouton, Raynard - South Africa
Kumar, Sushil - India
74.0 kg
Shahsavan, Hassan - Australia
Sanjay - India
Kumar, Ramesh 3 - India
84.0 kg
Rioux, Jonathan - Canada
Gouws, Pieter C. - South Africa
Singh, Kuldeep - India
96.0 kg
Kumar, Satish 2 - India
Short, John - South Africa
Jacobs, Nico - Namibia
120.0 kg
Dekker, Markus Johannes - South Africa
Cheema, Palwinder Singh - India
Reichel, Jurie - South Africa

Commonwealth Championship
Female wrestling Seniors
2005-07-02 Stellenbosch (RSA)

48.0 kg
Nirmala, Davi - India
Tintinger, Schantell - South Africa
51.0 kg
Meena - India
Oziti, Sammy - Nigeria
55.0 kg
Neha, Rathi - India
van As, Magdeleine - South Africa
59.0 kg
Tomar, Alka - India
63.0 kg
Jakhar, Geetika - India
67.0 kg
Dugrenier, Martine - Canada
Coetzee, Sonja - South Africa
Anita - India
72.0 kg
Ali Annabel, Laure - Cameroon
Jyoti - India